Monday, 15 November 2010

My Tribute to my lovely caring Husband

No we are not asleep lol Just happy
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From: Barbara Macrae

Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 5:45 PM

Knowing you for so long

We knew each others thoughts

we knew each other faults

We had our disagreements

But sorted soon enough

The arrival of our first born

Was delight beyond belief

She, in turn, gave us our Grandson

A time of joy and life

Two more followed

Oh! the bank account

Our Son, then gave us Freya

The first Granddaughter

After Fin ,that is, another joy abound

Then, of course came Keira

Our family complete.

Keith and Nicki inlaws

Never 'outlaws' as believed

A support to me just now
They will never know just how

And so our life as Grandparents

Took on different paths

Paths to mountains

Paths to lakes

Playing games, things to make

Picking apples, planting bulbs

Nans favourtite tree for photos to frame

The tree to climb, and those to stand

Too old to climb that tree!

Then, yet another step.

My use of internet!

You said 'be careful!'

Some maniac awaits

Then DoCrafts on the scene

A wonder to be seen

When you were ill

So much good will

Many friends in that one year

One in particular, so very dear

We had hugs a plenty

But none so many

As when you got known

As 'MrS' the hugs did flow

Downhill you went, my lovely man

You fought so hard year in and out

We supported each other

In good and bad, and sad

That's what our love was all about

Our family around you

You slipped away in peace

We cried, we hugged

The tributes flooding in

From far and wide they came for you

And yet, to me my lovely, you were the best xxx


Finjill said...

Get the tissues!!!! Oh Spsarkles, that was beautiful! HUGS

Hels Sheridan said...

That is so beautiful hun... sending you... HUGEST HUGS xxxx

Nicks said...

Beautiful words from one beautiful person about another beautiful one
Loves ya xx

Netty said...

Beautiful words for a much loved husband. x

joey said...

Beautiful Sparkles Just Beautiful. xxx

Terry said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I came to check out your PDCC piece. Such a loving and beautiful tribute to your husband and the wonderful life you shared! Hugs!

Jennie said...

A Big Virtual Hug , call me soon

Katherine said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww. xx

Ann said...

XXXXXXX {{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}


Sue said...

Sue x

Debs said...

Very moving xxxx

craftypixie said...

The true Art of love!! what more can you say, a much loved man known by so many...RIP mr Sparklysparkles we loved you xxxxx
your poem was amazing Mrs Sparklysparkles, tears in my eyes as i read each word, such wonderfull years you had together and so many treasured memories
Much love
Wendy xxx

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