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This is SO important .As most of you know, I lost my dear MrS  September 27th this year.
Three of the DoCraft members, decided to raise yet more money for Macmillan, who have supported me so much when John was so ill, and now.
It was suggested one Sunday, a week or so ago, that there would be a craft event in Hainford Norfolk, where Nicks, my bessie lives.
Well, it has taken off country [and even WORLD] wide.  That evening on the forum, people just went mad - yes, MAD!!
  All is explained on the blog.
One person is holding a raffle, free use of a hall, the manager is paying for the pies and bingo at Joyce's Bowling Club Her raffle  has been supported by Oyster Stamps [£100 worth craft machine]  Glitter Girls.  So emotional for me,if you would like to make a page - here are a few 'rules' as written by Nicks and Linkon and Bev....................................................

''The page can be anything you like - within reason! - we reserve the right to not include any page which is deemed inappropriate/rude/defamatory (not that we are expecting any but you never know!) - so it can be a drawing/poem/piece of writing/painting/scrapbook type affair - whatever!!

It must be two dimensional - i.e. flat! no embellishments etc. . Your page must be able to be scanned/photo copied.

If possible, it would help greatly with costs if you could do some copies of your work (maybe 20 - 30 ? but this will be confirmed when we have more idea of how many books will be sold) If you are not able to do this please don't worry but it would be really appreciated by us and will add to the profits made. Please use a fairly good paper rather than cheap copier paper. we hope the books will be well loved and well thumbed through!

We welcome coloured pages, but if you feel you page will look better in black and white (if it is just text for example) then these will be will be easier/cheaper to copy so feel free to send them - no reason why you can't print onto coloured paper!

Please do not use a lot of blocks of colour - these are thirsty on ink (unless you are prepared to print the copies off yourself)

Pages must be A5 - but bear in mind that by the nature of the binding two holes will be made in the left hand margin approx. 1cm from the edge.

The orientation of the book will be 'Portrait' but your page can be either portrait or landscape


The pages will be made into books by people attending the 'workshop' on the 5th of March

Each book will be unique and made with love

They will retail at £10 each plus P&P.

We will need orders and payment before the day so we know how many need to be made and how many pages need to be copied

Lynn has opened a separate bank account to pay monies into - please make cheques payable to P L Snelson but send it along with your page to me (nicks)  - we are looking into whether it will be possible to gift aid your donation so please wait before we have confirmation before sending your cheques.


There will be a raffle which will be drawn at the Workshop £1 a ticket - please add this to your payment and we will put your name in the hat!!


This will be held on the above date and everybody is welcome.

The cost will be £25 per person, which will include Tea/coffee/soft drinks light snacks served by a band of very handsome men and a copy of the book.

At the workshop you will make one or more covers for the book and help assemble them ready for posting.

There will also hopefully be some demonstrations going on - is there any technique anyone would particularly like to learn?

To keep costs down it would be good if people could bring along a plateful of food to add to the lunchtime buffet!

We are also hoping to hold a raffle to add a bit more to funds so if you would like to donate a prize all the better!

At the end of the day we will he having a Fish and Chip supper - orders will need to be placed in advance @£5 a head - bring your own wine!!

Cant come to the workshop???

We would love it if this could be a national event on the day - so could you hold your own crafty event/coffee morning on that day ??


Donations please!

offers of help printing the pages

Backing papers etc. that can be used on the book covers

Ribbons, twines etc.

BOOK RINGS!! Silver or coloured

Raffle Prizes

But most importantly make a page and BUY A BOOK!

Thank you xxx

Nicks' Blog ''

I’m sure we will think of other stuff so will keep you posted ...................................''

 knowing people have been so generous in the name of MrS the huggable [and who should know more than me lol]  makes me trust in human nature again
Thankyou xx

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