Monday, 21 June 2010

Day Three

So, where has the sun gone ? We had a lot of wind on Saturday, and yesterday, but better today, even though it's dull.
So, Saturday afternoon Nicki took me to Norma's, whwere I have had reiki before, and she lives in the woods, with chicken, geese and pigs !
Anyway, I had a hot stone massage, which involved her covering me in oil, and massaging my feet [I hate me feet touched !] where she put tiny stones between my toes, my legs, back and arms with hot stones. I know it sounds weird, but the after effect was wonderful, and I have booked for another one later.

Yesterday, the 20th, was Fins 7th Birthday, so a day packed with activity.  After a present opening,

we had breakfast, and then at mid-day headed off to a classic car show at the Links, in Tain. Lots of interesting 'man' stuff, like old Jags!  So, Fin had a lesson in the working of these very classic cars. A very important part of life in the car world!

a ride in a cup and saucer for Frey and Fin

Home to give John a rest, and a welcome cuppa - well, that is nearly as important as Jaguar cars.

A small party followed with friends of Ian and Nickis' arriving.  An attempt at a robot cake failed slightly, but still eatable and Fin thought it was great, which was the main thing.
huff puff blow the candles out !!!

So that was the party day!

Monday, today, just brought forth a day of this and that, even though we went out for lunch and a charity shop.

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