Friday, 18 June 2010

Day one

Not sure I will report every single day, for the next month, but we arrived safely last night at 8.08 into Inverness, where Ian was waiting for us.  Got indoors an hour later to a welcome cup of tea.
The journey was uneventful, which makes a change ! We have been known to have got thrown off the train at some point. 
Luggage assistance was perfect, getting from St Pancras to Kings Cross without being left stranded on the pelican crossing, which we worried about.
Up this morning to the chatter of little voices - they don't stop talking ! - and when we put our heads round the corner of the kitchen, it all went queit.
THEN manic shouts of  'it's Nan'  'It's Pops' hahahahaha!  We heard their plans for the day ahead, in five minutes flat.
Fin went to the Mod [an area competition of songs, poetry, music etc]  this was for schools.
John rested, I sat in the garden with a cup of tea, newspaper and two hunky workmen erecting a shed and summerhouse!! hhhmmmm I am a tart !  A beautiful, warm day.
Incidently, the sheds should have come tomorrow, and as Nicki was out with the children, and Ian was working, it proved to be a panic situation, as we couldn't find keys for the shed, or really knew what was ordered, and where to go, but all ended OK so everyone is happy.
A hot stone massage tomorrow for me. That will be interesting !

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