Monday, 30 March 2009

A Week Away

John and I had last week in Cornwall. We were very lucky with the weather, but a tad cold in some places. Did a lot of sitting at the beaches [in the car !] watching surfers. Fantastic scenery all along the coast. We found a gnome reserve and couldn't resist the urge to visit, as a friend of mine considers gnomes to be her life ! As you can see from the photos we had to wear pixie hats, before they let us in. As Grandparents I suppose we are allowed to be daft ! Certainly felt it. Things which stick in my mind are the fields of daffodils - thousands of daffodils - the walls built with such care, the rolling waves, and the hills haha Don't get those in Norfolk where my bessie lives !

We called into the Eden Project to get a plant, which I needed - yes, needed. Had a cup of tea and met friends, accidently, who we haven't seen for 8 years. They were as surprised as we were.

We detoured on the way home to Cheddar, as our Daughter in Law was staying, with 3 of our Grandchildren, with her Mum. Had a lovley lunch before we had to say a sad farewell. So back to the washing, ironing and shopping. Oh well, it made a great break.


Sue said...

Great piccie hun sounds like a lovely week, we took the kids to that gnome place, see ya soon, sue.x

Nicks said...

well you don't have to come to Norfolk!

Anonymous said...

I WILL come to Norfolk when you least expect it

DF - Heidi said...

i'm still sat here waiting all ready and packed - you were meant to be taking little ole moi

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