Thursday, 9 June 2011

So what have I been doing?

Train journey up was perfect. Whew about time too. Free food and drink on East Coast rail, which was a surprise, but very welcome. An odd travelling companion who is a stand up comic and managed to get through two bottles of red wine ! No, that's taking the p**s out of the generosity afforded us!!
First two or three days were very warm and we thought Summer had arrived. Spent some time in the garden having lunch outside in the sun.

I had promised the girls, they could both have their hair cut, at the new salon in Inverness shopping centre, so off we went.

Freya had hers done first. She sat so still, with a look of pure concentration on her face!  I think the hairdresser was a bit nervous, as I sat beside Freya watching. She need not have worried !

We had to go and buy new hair bands and clips for them

Next was Keira. She was so funny as she kept grinning from ear to ear.

As you can see she was very happy.
At 1o/c I went back and had mine re-styled !

Sunday was spent at Ullapool, as Nicki was involved in an art exhibition there.

A cup of hot chocolate at the Ceilidh Place

After time on the beach, we picked Nicki up, and went to a resturant where Fin and Freya had ENORMOUS pizzas.  We didn't think Freya would eat all of hers - BUT - she ate the lot !!! Fin needed no prompting as he just loves pizza and his favourite place is the pizza place in Inverness.  Think this is now his number one place !

A long day as it is quite a drive, but we all slept that night !

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Lesleym said...

Glad your journey was easier this time Sparkles. Sounds like you are having fun with your grandbabies.

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