Friday, 18 March 2011

Play Date Cafe Challenge

The Play Date Cafe

This week I decided to make a hanging 'thing' for the colours of lilac, light maroon and orange.

A technique I learnt at the Hugbinders day [scroll down for pics]  rolling up kitchen foil, the good sort, not cheapy as it tears.
So, to get the the effect,crunch the foil, and unfold. place an item, albeit a cuttlebugged scroll or anything that can show through. Stick onto mountboard, or as I didn't have any, a piece of card. Spread all over with glue and place the foil on top. 
rub your item with your finger, but my finger wasn't good enough, so, I used my metal craft roller.
Go around the edge of the scroll [or whatever you use] with a ball tool. Again, I used my metal work tool, but, you can use an old ball point pen, to make it stand out.
Paint twice with paint of your choice, PDCC was the maroon.  I managed to avoid my scroll and use lilac. Make sure you get paint into all the crevices. I use a sponge.
Finally, to conform with PDCC colours, I sprayed with lilac and orange Glimmer Mists. Take my word for it orange IS there !!


Caroline Hallett said...

great book cover - love it

Colleen Dietrich said...

What a neat piece of home decor! Sure does NOT look like aluminum foil. :) THanks for joining us at the play DAte cAFe this week!

Linkon said...

That looks fabulous Sparkles. Must have a play now I've got my scroll die and the keyhole one too. xx

Jaclyn Miller said...

I see the orange! ;) This is a great fun and unique piece for the Play Date Cafe challenge this week. That foil technique turned out really neat!

Ruby said...

I love your description, 'hanging thing', it made me smile! What an unusual piece for our challenge, I always stick to my comfort zone of cards, but your foil technique is great! Thank you for playing along with us at the Play Date Cafe this week!

Andrea Ewen said...

What a fabulously creative project! Love that metallic look...great job! Thanks for joining us this week at the Play Date Cafe!

Anonymous said...

And I can vouch that it is stunning! Thank you. Hugs BIC xx

This is an ATC which means an Artists Trading Card where people from all over swap these little cards. They measure 2 1/2ins by 3 1/2 ins and they cannot be bought.