Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Christmas 2010

Home again now, with happy memories of a lovely, unexpected, stay with family.
An eventful journey home as usual!  One day I will get through without any problems.  In saying that, the snow made beautiful pictures, as you can see on my smilebox at the bottom.
Freezing fog began to ice the trains engine up, but we limped into Edinburgh and hour and a half hour late.  Consequently, I lost my connection to Kings X.
Glad to be home, I fell into bed for a long exhausting sleep !
I awoke - not to this kind of sunrise
but to the sound of school pupils !!  No change there then !

Unpacked my case not realising the amount of washing I had brought home lol  But, it soon got sorted.
Funny, though, how you go away for a month, get back and forget where things are.  Took ages to find the toaster haha!  Oh well, a haircut this week, then my Bessie is staying at the weekend.  We have arranged to go to a workshop on Saturday whick is something to look forward to.


Nicks said...

see you in 5 sleeps x

Anonymous said...

can't wait x

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