Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas 2010

I made it up to Tain, to Ian and family, on the spur of the moment. Just one day to pack !!  Hence I forgot to pack the lead for the camera, so I could take photos off, and on to this computor.  Also, the charger DUH!!  Most annoying, so I will have to make a slideshow when I get home.

My journey was eventful, being taken off the train at Perth, with all the other passengers, to be bused on to Inverness.  This was due to ''adverse weather conditions approaching''.  Well, conditions went downhill on Thursday.  It snowed all day and night, and the next day, too.
A very nice thoughtful young lady, helped me with my case, to the coach ,and sat with me all the way.
We got on very well and had lots in common.  Callie I thank you.

By Friday, we were snowed in, but Ian still made it into work.  The postie round was very difficult in the snow, but he managed to deliver lots of the parcels.

The Grandchildren broke up on Thursday, but Nicki decided not to take them to school that day, as Freya had cried so much due to the cold, she would have been miserable at the church service.
We had a party Thursday, for the Mums, and their children, who Nicki knows from both schools.
A tad noisy and a few minor incidents, but, on the whole, a good time had by all.

Christmas Day was full of excitement. Freya and Keira knocked on my door at 6.45am, so off I stumbled to Ian and Nicks bedroom for the stocking opening.  Fin was still fast asleep and I woke him up, saying Father Christmas had come.  Response to that was ''No he hasn't been yet''  but I did convince him he had.  He, too, stumbled into the bedroom where we all undid out stockings.

Whew! that was one lot out of the way LOL!!  Bucks Fizz and salmon for breakfast, a morning surrounded in paper, another Bucks Fizz, a glass  of coke with something unexplainable in it !! Then wine at lunch time.  Pretty heady by the afternoon, but slept, before the neighbours came in for a chat.
Feeling OK today though, so can't have been that bad !

Off to Inverness tomorrow, if the weather holds.
No, not to the sales for anything in particular, just to look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure when I will go home, it does depend on weather.  I am warm here , so no hurry

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