Wednesday, 27 October 2010

St. Mary's church Teynham

A last goodbye to my lovely John, my soulmate, but it was the most beautiful, sunny, peaceful day at St. Marys, where we were married, and my Mum and Dad are buried.  Now John lies at rest there.
 It was my church, where I went every Sunday, with Mum and Dad, and where I went bell ringing as a teenager.
A very historic church, reputed to have been used by smugglers, and there is supposed to have been a tunnel from there, right up to Lynsted, which is a long way away.  The door has bullet holes, made by Cromwells men, as Royalists sought refuge in the church.  There is length of chain which is believed to have been used for tethering horses belonging to Roundheads.  Peter [eldest Grandson] was mesmerised !

The first priest of the parish was Master Giraud in 1175.

Roman coins have been found in the area which makes for early inhabitants.
  It is built of flint, probably in the 12th century.
Adjoining, there were vineyards, but more importantly ,Richard Harrys, who was gardener to Henry V111, planted the first cherry and apple trees he got from abroad. Hence many orchards in Kent housing cherries and apples
 So, this is where my roots lie - in Teynham!


Nicks said...

a lovely place for the lovliest man xxx

Loopylou!! said...

that is just such a beautiful place for him hunny and for your mu and dad to be there too is even more special. Lou x

Fuchsia said...

What a wonderful place for him xxx

Sue said...

It looks like lovely place for your

Sarah Anderson said...

This is a lovely, lovely post Barbara. It reads so gently, and sounds like a beautiful place, full of many memories for you

Anonymous said...

thankyou for your lovely comments. I just wrote as I felt

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