Monday, 11 October 2010

Feya had her 5th Birthday while they were with us.
A shame it had to be the week of John's funeral, but we hope we made it special for her.

Keira, her Sister, helped her open her parcels, then we all went to Bluewater for the day.
Ian took the children to the Cinema to see 'Toy Story' whilst DIL and I hit the shops.  A very nice handbag shop which we couldn't resist!

After we had met up, Nicki and Ian asked where she would like to go for the meal, and she chose a fish resturant.
Very wise choice and everyone enjoyed what they ate, including Fin, who asked for, and got MUSSELS!!!!!!
He had never had them before, but was adamant that was what he wanted.
Surprising us all by eating, and enjoying them.
not quite finishing the plate full, but he had a good try, and enjoyed what he had!!!
But, then the day of Johns funeral took over.

I hope I showed control, but the church was packed, and it was very emotional, but I did hold it together until we arrived at the Crem.  Just immediate family and cousins, but, it was that final farewell.
A lot of crafters on my craft site, had let off blue balloons, at some point during the day, trying, though, to make it 12o/c while we were at the Crem.   We were unable to do that, of course, so Ian had been to town and bought 6 for the Grandchildren to write messages on and let go 'up to Pops'

I am now in Norfolk, with my Bessie, who was a tremendous support to me the day John died, and I will be forever grateful that she stayed, on that night.
Luvs her tons xxxx

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