Sunday, 11 July 2010

Continuing Scotland

An afternoon in the garden as it was very warm

Today, Sunday we went to Embo beach, but sadly it rained hard most of the time. It didn't stop Fin getting into his wet suit to explore, but he came back when it rained in case he got wet !!!!
It didn't stop Fin  exploring the rocks with sisters Freya and Keira, and, of course, Daddy who got just as excited !

Then Fin and I huddled in the camper van [no we were NOT camping lol]  and watched for seal, but we didn't see any as it was too rough out there

as you can see here.  A lovely day even with the rain, but came home for a nice warm cuppa, and stories from their Pops

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Fuchsia said...

Lovely happy piccies Mrs xxxxxx

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