Saturday, 26 June 2010

continuing story

I made Freya a shabby chic flower for her hair, which she wore to a school trip, but came home without it !! However, we think her teacher rescued it, so, all is not lost.

Yesterday, Friday, Nicki and I went to Inverness on the train, for the day. A few laughs and a lot of spending. I somehow, came home with FOUR scarves !!! A lot of clothes for the children - there is some really cutie  stuff, and my kids are so cute !!!  Only thing I was sad about. There were padded bras with matching pants for sale, and I don't like that.
We had a lunch at the pizza place in Inverness square. Got a bit warm, so, we ate outside. Pity really as I didn't see the rather handsome waiter who I drool over lol Anyway, this is a plate of what we had.

Looks as if I don't like it, but it was delicious.

Note the large glass of wine and we got a bit squifffy lol   After this we had to attack the escalator in M&S which sent us into hysterics, especially as Nicki had a long skirt on - and I mean LONG

 This afternoon, Ian took the children and me out to Shandwick beach. What a lovely setting. with the mountains in the background.
Beach was deserted

How cool is this for a Saturday afternoon !
 The kids were in the sea, up to their bottoms, before we could look round, but that's how they are.  I sat in the  car lol

Little dots, I know, but trust me, this IS my Grandchildren


Freya with Keira

Well, that was our day today, even though I got up at 10am and had a bath !  Another day tomorrow


Loopylou!! said...

awwww, they are so cute and it sounds like you had a fabulous day. hugs lou xx

Nicks said...

in the car? tut

sparkles said...

Nicks. I did have a stroll until they went down to the wet stuff! I sat with the car door open too lol

Ruby Summer Vintage Inspiration said...

i used to live at kinloss so know inverness quite well. sounds like u r having a fab time - enjoy darling xxx

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