Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My Birthday Bash !

Thankyou you two for organising that xxxxx
It started off, as three of us celebrating, here at home, but it ended up on Saturday with 18 at a local resturant for a meal !
My Bessie arrived Friday, and her mobile didn't stop texting. Hmm. I had an appointment at the opticians Saturday morning, to collect my new glasses, but was told I would go early.
OK so off we go. Nicks wanted to go to Wilkinsons. Now why on earth would you want to sighsee in Wilkinsons?  [killing time, in case you hadn't guessed!]
On to Sainsburys to get a few odds and ends, then back home. Balloons on the gates and a banner in the window stating the fact someone was 70
Round the back. More banners and balloons.
Two DoCrafters had sat up the road waiting for us to go, so they could come in and take over my house lol

After hugs the door bell rang, and again, and again, and again. Overwhelming!

Presents from all of them including dear Cameron who has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy

After a cuppa off we went to the 'Cherry Tree' a local resturant, where we had a lovely meal and lots of laughs.

yes, she poses lolyes, she gets hugs too !

Cam helped to blow the candles out - not 70 there !  A big thankyou to Mary, Nicks Mother.in.law for icing it all sparkly

Back home for Birthday cake and confetti bomb

A lovley day altogether and a complete surprise. Well done to Nicks and John for planning for the last six months and keeping the secret.

A day of rest for John on Sunday, so Nicks took me for a drive, and we ended up at Maidstone Mote Park. A wet day but they had the model trains out for the children to ride on.
Am I a kid at heart ? Well, Nicks put me on to the train [I was a bit worried she might leave me on my own on it, but she didn't] 
Back home for a boozy evening LOL
Monday, my actual Birthday, John felt well enough to come to Lingfield, to the 'Craft Barn' to 'look' at craft stuff.  Who ever heard of LOOKING at craft stuff! After we 'looked' we had lunch at the 'Cage Inn' and drove to Wakehurst Place, put John in the wheelchair and off we whizzed round the park.
Lovely shrubs are in bloom now
Well, that was my weekend, and I am very happy !I hade these great presents so off to play with my craft stuff

a new brolly - yum!
A very happy 70 year old


Fuchsia said...

What a fantastic looking day Sorry I couldnt come xxxx

sparkles said...

I am sorry too Fuchsia. It would have been great to have seen you both



Sounds like a wicked birthday x So pleased you had a good one!! Leigh x

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