Friday, 5 March 2010

Today is John's Birthday. This poem was written by KathKat, who lives in France. She came up with the wonderful idea of a 'library' where we could make anecdotes regarding items which DoCrafters made on the Chat threads.

People who know me,know about the hugs queue in progress for John, aka MrSparkles. DoCrafts has been so supportive to us both during Johns ongoing treatment for Cancer, and I have made many friends. One most of all [can't tell you her name is Nicks or she will get big headed lol] But she will be hugging for all the others when she arrives tomorrow.

Being a little on the emotional side today I had to put it here so that I can read it whenever I like and not lose it lol

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5-Mar-2010 7:16

"Rhymes With A Reason" by the Bonkers Librarian. Dedicated to Mr. Sparkles in the hope of giving him a smile on his birthday.
To hug or not to hug? That's NOT the question!
But whether 'tis better To jump the queue,
To jostle,and use elbowsTo push aside all rivals..
.And by preceding Be FIRST to embrace the King
And Happy Birthday sing!---------------------
Sing a song of Huggers,
Chatters on a forum,
Countless ladies in a line,
No mention of decorum...
When they saw the King of Hugs
They all began to sing
"Happy Birthday, Mr.S.
Of Hugs you are the King!"----------------------

Sparkle, sparkle,
 Hug King Star,
I regret I live too far
Out of reach to join the queue,
And give a birthday hug to you!


Nicks said...

I wont forget to give you a few hugs as well,

Love you guys more than you know xx

Loopylou!! said...

happy birthday john, hope you had a super day xxxxx

sparkles said...

he had a lovely day going for a meal with Nicks and, of course, me!

Tired today so ahd most of the day in bed --- on his own !!!!

Sparkles [aka Barbara]

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