Thursday, 18 March 2010

After the frustrating week .............................

First of all, the spring on our freezer broke, so, now I have to be really careful how I open the lid!
Picture me, balancing the lid on my shoulder, whilst digging for food. Now we have to decide if we buy a new freezer - what do I do with the frozen stuff while the old one is defreezing - or wait for my 'man who does' to find a new spring?
The Council want £16 to take the old one away, BUT I have to get it out to the front garden. Yeah right! Think I will wait for a new spring.
Ordered, and recieved, a new solid wood swing hammock/seat thingy for the garden.

Number 1 arrived, but with a crucial part missing. OK they said to keep it and they would replace it.

Number 2 arrived. I managed to unpack it in the lounge, then get it into the garage. Trouble there was, I got stuck and had to ring a neighbour to rescue me !!! Undid the accompanying parcel to find it was all smashed. DUH! I managed to repack it and am now waiting for the whole lot to be picked up and sent back. Not happy with all that hassle.

O.K. so got on with this clock, and, stupid me, asked John to help. Being a perfectionist he placed all the houses 'just right'.
Anyway I like it so daughter may not get it lol


Anonymous said...

Ahem, I wouldn't mind it myself! Love it! KT

sparkles said...

thankyou KT
But nope lol

sparkles said...

or then again....................

penibear said...

I love all the little houses!

This is an ATC which means an Artists Trading Card where people from all over swap these little cards. They measure 2 1/2ins by 3 1/2 ins and they cannot be bought.