Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Saturday afternoon

I have just had a lovely afternoon with two of my cousins, on my Mothers side.

Bob is 80 on Wednesday, and, sadly has dementia. He always remebered my Birthday, in May, but, today he didn't know me, which is so sad. His Father, Reg, was my Mums Brother. He fought in two world wars, fibbing about his age for the First war so he could enlist. Mother remebered him coming home on leave covered in lice. She had to cut them out of his uniform - that must have been so nasty!

The lady, in her late 80's is Mums, Sisters' daughter and lives on Sheppy, where she was born.

Bobs children, and Grandchildren were there today, and we filled in lots of twigs of the family tree.

I love the old pictures which is why I have put them on Smilebox [even though I did get a couple mixed up lol]

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