Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Here we are at Boxing Day in Norfolk.  John and I were picked up on Tuesday by Nicks OH, Matthew.  The weather was a problem at the begining of the week, but the snow cleared nicely for the journey here.

A trip into Norwich with Nicks, and Georgina, her daughter, where we met up with a crafty friend for a cuppa.  Did a bit more Christmas shopping.  Colmans mustard shop called us in , where I bought John some chilli mustard and other HOT stuff ! 

Christmas Eve is the big dinner day here, which is nice, as we could spend time with the children, when they opened their presents, on Christmas Day.  13 for dinner, but as 13 is unlucky, Nicks set a place for 'Clem' the favourite cuddly toy!  I helped make the napkin boots, but not sure how many I did make - it is open for discussion lol  The table did look nice though, in green, black and silver.  Food was more than just 'lovely' it was delicious and the meats [turkey, beef and ham] eaten cold yesterday with baked potatoes and pickles [yum]

Today, Boxing day, is a pyjama day, for some of us !  Nicks has worked so hard, she deserves to relax, so I made an effort to sweep up the remnants of a confetti bomb we had one evening lol

Sun is shining, blue skies and not too cold.  A day for walking.  Hmmmmm!

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