Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thank goodness the weather was kind to us while Ian, Nicki and the three Grandchildren were here. Ian and Nicki worked in the garden, cleared the gutters, told us we need a roofer as the leading and some bricks have come lose. So I suppose that means the rain might come in and damage my craft stuff. Yuk!

Nicki did all the cooking! Smoked us out cooking roast potatoes lol She is not used to my oven, of course, and put the temperature way up LOL But, on the plus side, stocked our freezer up with all sorts of different soup, beef stew which she had cooked in the slow cooker overnight, and goodness knows what else. Surprise dinners from now on LOL

Ham in the slow cooker for tea last night, and the dreaded confetti bomb as a farewell bang! Fun though, but it will be sparkle everywhere for weeks/months.

Lots of tears when they left. Freya wnated us to go in the taxi, Keira kept shouting 'Nan is crying' Fin just cried. Well, give it six months and maybe we can go up to Tain.

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