Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My Therapy Session

Went to the next to last, therapy at our local Hospice. I have been going for five weeks, as a complimentary session was offered by Macmillan.

I have had a massage and Reiki, but, today, I had 'Bowen Therapy'..It involves a series of rolling massage for back pain etc. Lovely lady Lesley, but when she said 'I am now going to take your left knee to your right ear'

Eeeer! Wasn't sure about that. Anyway, up it went, and hey it got there !!!!

Not been able to do that for years and, sorry, no photos. lol


Anonymous said...

Sparkles, can you go back but this time with a camera so we can get some visual idea of what you mean by your left knee up to your right ear! lol

Hope it's done you good. (((hugs))) Linkon

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you weren't just playing Twister? Lol! And, I wish I was that supple! KT

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