Saturday, 10 October 2009

My angel mould on canvas

Thought to play with another canvas. I still have a few more upstairs lol
I painted it gold, glimmer misted then used the 'Tattered Angels' Glimmer Screen tree. Painted over that with Viva Precious Metal Colour, silver red and around the sides. The moulds are sculpey clay - I don't like the air dry stuff. Coloured with Perfect Pearls as they blend into one another so beautifully. Oh, and her hair is accent beads, as if you didn't know lol Don't know what to do with it now HAHA!!

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Elise said...

Keep it as it is - it's great !

This is an ATC which means an Artists Trading Card where people from all over swap these little cards. They measure 2 1/2ins by 3 1/2 ins and they cannot be bought.