Sunday, 14 June 2009

My Bessie Mate Came to stay

Nicks had to find a dress - dress? she never wears dresses !! She is going to the races at Newmarket, and into the Royal Inclosure, so it had to be something special. She spoke Thurday evening and we sprted out that she should come here, and I would be her personal dresser ! So, off to Bluewater Shopping Centre we went, on Saturday morning. Not been there long when she got fed up duh! We did find one which really was her right colour green, but the size was wrong [won't tell you which size lol] and when we did find the right one, it didn't look good, so we knocked that on the head. Well, eventually we got a result, and I have to say she looked stunnig, so she was not meant to have the green one, and she was chuffed to have waited.

Home, via Dockyard Outlet at Chatham, well it seemed rude to pass by! Found John in the garden where we had MORE tea. Fish and Chip supper, with beer, and a lazy evening as we were pretty shattered.

Today, Sunday, we did a bit of craft stuff, lunch in the garden again as it is Summer now haha! A mad moment in the apple tree then, a sad goodbye, at 3o/clock. I think everyone has been photographed in that apple tree !

Thankyou Nicks for making us laugh xx


Sue said...

Great foto, sounds like you had lovely time,glad nicks found a frock. sue,x

Nicks said...

always a pleasure cos I luvs yer both.... but bigger thanks for being my personal dresser x

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