Thursday, 7 August 2008

Little Boxes

I went to the pound shop and bought some wooden boxes, as well as the long cardboard one. Now what to do with them ! My bessie mate does awesome things with hers, but these are my attempts. I finished playing this afternoon. Now do I keep them for Christmas presents ? Hmm


Nicks said...

They are brill. I would love one in my stocking!
now.... have you depleted the stock at your shop??

DF - Heidi said...

i much prefer you boxs to the ones made in norfolk ;0) - great stuff

Jennie said...

like the boxes.. now which pound shop was that then? ;)

craftypixie said...

Awesum blog mrs sparklysparkles and love the boxes you have made
Wendy x

This is an ATC which means an Artists Trading Card where people from all over swap these little cards. They measure 2 1/2ins by 3 1/2 ins and they cannot be bought.