Friday, 23 May 2008

Taking a leaf out of my bessie mates [Nicks] book, I have attempted to ''alter''. Not up yo her standard, but, hey, give me time lol Our Grandson, Fin, is 5 in June and mad on pirates, so, to go with the card I made, I bought cheap wooden boxes and here is the result, a treasure chst. It is filled with 'gold' coins and I will hide it in the garden, and give him a map.


Nicks said...

awesome boxes, both of them! thet will be made up..... Edward once had some coins like that, wonder where they are now???

sparkles said...

in a box lol

DF - Heidi said...

oohhhhh love the boxes i may just have to visit your way and buy some

This is an ATC which means an Artists Trading Card where people from all over swap these little cards. They measure 2 1/2ins by 3 1/2 ins and they cannot be bought.